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Ethan knows the layout of the park very well it’s obvious that he has spent his share of time there. If you’re relatively new to climbing and/or the park itself, I’d highly recommend using his services. He’ll cater everything to the experience level of your group, and you’re sure to get the most out of your time in the park.
— John V. as posted on Yelp!
Great day trip. Ethan is the perfect guide. Based on my novice ability the hike though the granitic monoliths the hike was taylored for me. Lots of information was provided about desert life, the native plants, and rock formations. Again, Great Great guide!!!
— Mario S. as posted on Vayable
This was one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had. The knowledge and secret parts of the park that people would never know about made this truly memorable. I’d come to Palm Springs just for this tour.
— Shane M. as posted on Vayable
Ethan Peck’s ability to facilitate travel in this rugged high desert environment is all inclusive, meaning that he takes care of each person with kind attention. He is ready to look into those nooks in the rock and find passageways to comfortable little spots, or wind his way to the top of some big rock for a overview look. This man is highly recommended buy me for he is professional all-the-way with a nice balance of fun personality!
— Markus Jolliff, Climbing guide and longtime J-Tree resident

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