1-2 people                  3 people                  4 people                 5 people

Half Day (5hrs)                 $200                        $250                         $300                        $350

Full Day  (8-10hrs)           $300                         $350                         $400                       $450

Overnight                          $600                      $700                      $800                     $900



Rock Climbing                $320/single      or       $200/person


Call or email for group rates.



All of our trips are personalized for your groups specific wants and needs. Whether its learning of unique desert ecology or scrambling up a remote rocky peak, Joshua Tree Adventures will work to design the trip that fits you. Half day trips will include a small trail snack. Full day trips include a trail lunch and optional trail coffee. Overnight trips include all meals. All food will be sourced from the Joshua Tree Farmers Market whenever possible.  

We love facilitating the best of Joshua Tree on hikes, tours and scrambles. If our adventure sounds perfect but is outside of your means, contact us anyways. We may be able to work out alternatives. Thanks and Happy Trails!